PacMan Nails

Helloooo there!

I have always been into different nail colours, nail designs and really anything quirky to do with nails! I honestly dread to think how many colours and different styles of nail varnishes I actually own.

But if it is one thing I do like doing it is experimenting with my nails and viewing other peoples creations and designs on their nails. Now I am not a false nail person, I have never tried full acrylics or anything like it – for me personally it doesn’t really appeal to me, though I think depending on what they are like they do suit some people! It’s each to their own I guess.

Though one good thing about acrylics is you pretty much have a larger base nail to work on and do different designs, but for those like myself who don’t wear acrylics or falsies, this doesn’t make it impossible to have quirky nails. In fact, every type of nail can be designed to your own choice, granted my nails aren’t the longest but there’s pretty much anything you can do.

Here are a few of my favourites!


Black and Blue Caviar

The best place to buy your perfect caviar nail polish is from Ciaté as they have a range of caviar varnishes! I have found it hard to actually stop myself from buying more and more! My first purchase was their Mother of Pearl varnish and it has a very elegant effect on your nails! One thing I will say is that despite how amazing these look, don’t expect that they will last perfectly on your nails for weeks because they won’t. With the tiny little beads that are the ‘pearls’ (as well as their other caviar beads) is that they are so delicate they can knock off your nail quite easily. BUT this does not stop the fact that these can give your nails the ultimate statement look.

Pink Tips

Pink Tips with Purple Gems

When my nails get to a good length I quite like painting just the tips, because it’s that little bit different to a full nail colour and it can really stand out. The colour I usually opt for is a bold pink, but in the winter season I quite like purple, blue or red glitter tips! Here I have just added some purple gems – and I don’t know how this worked but I stuck them on with just clear nail varnish and then varnished over the top of them and they lasted quite a while! Who needs nail glue hey?!


Ombré Nails

When I first found out about painting your nails ombré I fell in love with it. The colours you can choose from to do is never ending! You can mix and match and just go wild! I tend to go for pastel colours as you can see in the picture above: a mixture of light and dark pink. Though I have tried a monochrome ombré look before. It didn’t work as best as what I imagined, but still had the effect! What I love is that it is a cool effect but very easy to do!

PacMan Nails

PacMan Nails

This has to be my all round favourite nail look I have ever varnished on my nails! It can appear to look quite tricky but all I used was a variety of colours and one black nail pen! As long as you have patience then you’re good to go! I was also extremely excited that these had been featured via More Magazine’s Facebook. I would definitely try these out again! No PacMan nails can stay the same either, the little characters can be any colour of your choice – or even all the same!

Well this was a bit of a long blog post, but I hope for any of you nail art people you could get some ideas! Plus it would be cool if you wanted to share some of your own! No doubt in future blog posts I will feature different nail art designs that I like, because there are so many!



Being A Girl

Being a girl is hard for a lot of reasons, I mean when we get ready to go out we have a lot of things to consider such as – do we paint our nails the night before?! Incase we rush them the night we are meant to be going out and end up smudging them!

Oh you boys are cool, go hop in the shower, get dressed and you’re pretty much done. I’ll hop into the shower and afterwards…uh…

Shouldn’t have eaten that last slice of chocolate cake… DRESS WON’T ZIP UP!!
Burnt myself on my straighteners!
Why can I only find one shoe?!

Trust me, there’s more. I’m pretty sure I am not the only one who is like this either….

Though one thing that really does tick me off, is when you’re online shopping.

hate the person who invented the fact we could online shop, but at the same time I could marry the dude as well. You can browse for hours on end sat at home in a onesie and hey, nobody would know. Though this isn’t my point here… (though I do, do this).

Sometimes I have one item in mind that I really want to search for and find my perfect one! For instance, recently I have been looking for a blazer. I find my perfect one, though it’s not in the colour I would have liked as it was black BUT black goes with pretty much anything so it was a bonus.

Great, yeah, perfect sorted.


I then find another TWO blazers, one in burgundy and one in brown – very similar styles too. I am deffo considering buying one…. but which?!

WHY do we have this dilemma of online shops and miraculously not only do I find one item I love, but another two and I am left with the problem of which do I buy!? Hard decisions too. They both have great reductions!

Maybe this is just me… who usually buys them both because I hate making decisions but I am hoping that others do this too!

God damn being a girl!


Royal Wedding Street Party | keetkeets

A couple of years ago when the Duke of Cambridge popped down on ones jolly ol’ knee to ask his Duchess of Cambridge….

“Will you marry me?!”

She replied “Yes!”

Then it was time to party and celebrate! I mean, parties had been flying all over the place! The party that stood out to me and is such an awesome memory was being involved with This Morning (tv) Royal Wedding Street Party. So I decided to create a little video of the awesome time we had filled with photos and video clips!

Yes I know, I know…. this should have been done at the time but for some reason it just never got done, and things in life kept happening to prevent me from actually starting editing the video! In some ways I am quite glad that i’ve only just done it now, purely because it brought back all those awesome memories when I was editing, getting to watch through what we did and who we met. It was brill!!

Not only did we have such fun but we did what we did for charity too, and raised quite a fair bit between us which I find is always a good feeling to have inside! Everybody was so lovely and sweet, there wasn’t one who I could say was a bit “iffy” or whatever throughout. Though many thanks to The Overtones for trying to help individually to allow us to raise more money! It means a lot!

So without further a do, have a little skeg at this video and hopefully it may put a smile on your face…. and if it doesn’t just watch the part when Tina (dressed as the joker) has a solo dance, because that cracks me up every time!


Handbags | Zara Office City Bag

Now let’s get one thing straight, I am a bit of a handbag addict. I go through phases though, what girl doesn’t? Sometimes I’ll buy shoes, after shoes. Other times it’ll be bags after bags. BUT never mind all that, this bag caught my eye and I instantly knew I liked it!

It basically has every compartment you’d want a handbag to have! Though the middle section you can store your laptop inside, and it’s fully padded out to protect it. Now this is what appealed for me!

Zara Handbag

If you’d like to take a look at the bag and it’s full details just click here.

Though after debating on when to actually purchase the bag, should I just go to the shop? Should I order online? In the end, today I decided I would order online…. to find out it had sold out!!

Deeply gutting!! 😦

So if anyone knows another place in where to purchase this bag from, or if they know it’s back in stock (though I have asked Zara to email me when it is!) then please comment! I’d be mega happy and appreciative!!

And if anyone actually owns this bag…. I envy you.
Ha! Just kidding of course!! But I am pretty jealous!


Earth Hour

On Saturday, March 23rd at 8:30pm the UK (and other countries) took part in WWF’s Earth Hour.

Yes that’s right, we can actually help our planet and by doing so everyone would turn off their lights at 8:30pm for one hour (or more!) Actually taking part in this made me want to blog about it and also find out who else joined in during Earth Hour?!

To be honest, it doesn’t seem like much does it? 8:30pm just switching lights out? But imagine London, the city that never sleeps – all the beautiful, desirable lights….off. I couldn’t quite imagine it at first, but after seeing pictures, such as Big Ben without any lights it looked strange indeed! Though think about how much energy we all must have saved during this Earth Hour? That’s pretty cool when thousands of people joined in to switch off their lights and really what harm was it doing to anyone? In fact, it is 11:14pm as I am writing this and we are still with the candles flickering away.

Also, over on YouTube there was a live streaming of all different kinds of coverage including McFly acoustically performing in their panda onesies!

McFly EarthHour

I think Earth Hour should be a more regular thing, lots of people really seem to enjoy it and what’s not to like when it’s very economical, helping the planet and fun at the same time?

So roll on the next Earth Hour, who will be switching off this time?

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 23.35.50


Freedom/Diva Jewellery

First things first, my apologies with the neglect I have given my blog! I have been super busy with uni work but keeping on track with it… I am back!!

IMG_2356 IMG_2358

Yesterday I went shopping and I don’t know if you have noticed but sales are still going strong, so there’s nothing like a quick pop into your fave shop just to see if there’s any good bargains you can pick up is there? Of course not!

Usually I go on a massive clothes haul, because quite clearly my wardrobe still needs filling! (Not really, but shh!)  However this time I only bought one pair of jeans (purely because I split mine whilst doing Gangnam Style with a onesie on underneath.. errr?!?!!) So it results in me arriving back home with bags of jewellery. Yep. Pure fashion jewellery, great for accessorising different outfits – whether it be a super girly combo or rock chick there’s always some nice pieces out there to bling up your outfit!

Though the bit that pleases me best is the fact I worked out this morning that I bought £77 worth of jewellery… HOLD IT, HOLD IT!!! Before you click away like “WOAH MAN” just hold your horses and sit down and read further. I only actually spent around £16.50. WHAT?! I know!!!! That’s a good £60ish I had saved!! Purely because, sales. Yep that’s right – sales kept reducing and reducing resulting in me finding such bargains!! So if you’re a fan of Topshop, Miss Selfridge or anywhere else that sells Freedom and Diva jewellery – go check it out!!

Here’s my lil stash:


As you can see by some of the ‘sales tags’ – pretty sweet prices!

So as it turns out, it just shows what you can save by waiting til the sales – although if there is something you really like then obviously get it straight away, because although sales are good the disadvantage is that not everything lasts in stock. I count myself quite lucky this time to find as much as I did!

A few of my faves:

three separate little rings

three separate little rings

Skulls and crosses are pretty big at the moment, you see them combined and on quite a fair few jewellery pieces – I’m quite a big fan of the pair, though these three little rings really stood out to me because of the tiny rose because it was a splash of colour added in-between the two! Though you don’t have to wear it this way, you can wear it however you want – I just liked the tiny rose standing out from the other two.

pearly rose gold coloured earrings

pearly rose gold coloured earrings

I have recently been quite daring, and bought big statement earrings – purely because if my outfit is minimalistic I quite like how one piece of jewellery can really set it off. I absolutely love rose gold, and rose gold coloured pieces and think that the colour against the pearl coloured triangles work well together – a lot of shapes fluttering around in these earrings!

two spike bracelets

two spike bracelets

The only two bracelets I bought, spikes are also in and I loved the colour of the deep red spike bracelet!

love earrings

love earrings

How cute are these?! These are deffo the type of earrings you buy without looking at the great detail within them just because they are just too cute!! Very girly!

So there we have it, my mini little jewellery haul! Some very good reductions are out there and because everyone wants to grab them, be quick! You don’t want to be missing out on such a good sale!



Aaah, America’s finest fashion magazine!

Now i’ve always admired Vogue, when I was younger I used to scan the magazine rack, for all different kinds of magazines – usually celebrity mags, y’know Smash Hits, Top of the Pops etc. but there was always something about the fashion magazines. They just stood out, y’know? I didn’t know why they did, I mean I was too young to really understand the fashion culture but something about those magazines stood out and I didn’t want to leave it there.

When I was around 14/15 I remember going round to one of my friends and we’d scramble up some money that had been looming in the bottom of our bags and we’d walk to the shops. We had one thing in mind that we just had to purchase, a fashion magazine.

Looking back now it was quite weird the fact we got so excited about being able to buy a fashion magazine but there was just something about it, and whenever I think back to this memory I get that feeling that I had back then of how excited I was. Our ultimate aim was to buy Vogue. To us, that was the bizz. If you had a Vogue magazine it was like your cool bar went from 4 to 10 in a matter of seconds.

Unfortunately, because it was only a little newsagents we were disappointed to find that Vogue wasn’t on the shelf. What do we do now?! That little 10 minute walk to the shop felt like we’d just hit a big anti-climax. We couldn’t just leave there, we scanned the shelves for another fashion magazine, it maybe wasn’t Vogue but it still meant something!

So within that we purchased Grazia and another magazine (what I can’t remember the name of!) Happy with our purchases, we walked back to her house so giddy and excited. We then spent that evening just scanning through the pages, cutting out pictures that we liked and writing down quotes from within the magazine. We had so much fun, but…. it still wasn’t Vogue.

The urge to still buy Vogue was still there.

When I was 16 for Christmas my cousin bought me a subscription to Vogue and I was over the moon! Not only did this mean I had one copy, but I had more each month… turning up at my door!

Now if i’m completely honest, looking back now I did love scanning through the pages and I did still write my favourite quotes down but I don’t think I really appreciated as such on the ‘beauty & fashion’ sides. Yeah people did have their fashions within and they did show and sample the latest beauty cosmetics but…. and there it is the ‘but’.. but what?! I don’t know I just guess I didn’t really read fully the stuff in Vogue, it was as if the pictures and quotes were just enough for me.ImageBut despite loving having the magazine and scanning the pictures, it was still there.. still at the back of my mind that tiny bit of excitement about the magazine.

Personally, I believe that now having such a big interest within the fashion and beauty industry but really wanting to learn more about it at this age. Before it was just the excitement, of buying a magazine that really appealed, though I couldn’t put my finger on why. Then as I got a bit older and having a subscription – I guess you could call it quite overwhelming to have, I mean it’s not exactly a quick “Take A Break” 5 min, cuppa and biscuit quick read now is it? Not if you want to fully take in the magazine, the glossy pages, the photographs, the quotes, the information – basically every single bit of detail.

Having another subscription now i’m super excited, and I do feel that excitement of when I fumbled in my bag for pound coins and then walked to the shop still.

ImageThey also do free mini samples within the magazine, so I’m excited to try them out and then blog about it! The current issue has a Dior Nude BB Creme sample inside, i’ve not yet tried it but a review will be posted sometime when I have! It looks like it’s very fresh and peachy leaving a very ‘blossoming’ glow to your skin, but we shall see if my eyes aren’t just deceiving me!

Bring on the Vogues!!

“The old chic conundrum…. confidence is the key.”

London New Year 2012/2013

NYE Countdown

NYE Countdown

Happy New Year!!

So, we’re now in 2013. Wow – doesn’t anybody think 2012 shot round really quick? Maybe not? I sure did, but that is because i’ve had the most rubbish year.

Trust me, i’m pretty glad that 2012 has now ended and we are onto a brand new year. Partly because the things I have experienced within 2012 have been…. well to put it bluntly. Crap.

Yes, what I have experienced has been things you would see in a film, or read about. Not exactly things that you would want to experience throughout your life, but it has happened.

As it turns out, we decided to end a rubbish year on a high – meaning that the beginning of 2013 we would be beginning really happy. The best way possible!!

psssssst…. please forgive my typos/spelling if I happen to do so, i’ve had a glass or two..

So i’m currently in London right now, my second home and I absolutely am loving every minute. After experiencing the huge countdown last night and the immense fireworks it sure has put a good feeling in me.

If anyone watches the London NYE countdown on tv but hasn’t experienced the reality I urge you to do so, like immediatly. (Well at New Year obv). It is one of the most amazingest, awesomest experiences ever. It is fantastic on tv, but in reality it is something else. The best way to describe it is that the atmosphere that is going on is immense! Everyone is so cheerful and happy! But then the fireworks happen, and everyone literally takes out their phones/cameras etc and is just photographing and videoing the event! It is so surreal, the fireworks ‘boom’ so loud that you’re just like wow. It is surreal. Midnight hits and you’re blown away and you walk away thinking “What did I just experience?! Did that happen?!” Strangers are coming up to you so excited to wish you a happy new year and you don’t know them from Adam.

The photograph is one I took the night it happened, and it was very hard to pick which one I was going to publish there was so many! I just kept capturing and capturing. It’s a moment you don’t want to miss a single bit of.

I took a couple of videos too, because it really was just ‘wow’.

However trying to get back to get all cosy after an amazing time wasn’t exactly the best…. we began to walk, me and my mum and a policeman stopped us on our route.

“I’m sorry but the road is closed. You can’t come through here.”


That was the quickest and only way we knew to go back! We asked why and he claimed there had been a gas leak so they’d shut all roads off, we asked if he knew another way we could get back towards the London Tate gallery and he said he had no idea and we just couldn’t go past.


A policeman and he couldn’t help. So as we turned back there was just us, walking the complete opposite way to everyone else. Swarms of people. Normal excited people, happy families and then…. the drunks.

Not exactly the best bunch of people to face, drunk, but we had no choice.

It wasn’t too bad actually and once we had waited for a while grabbing a coffee at a hotel – we began to walk back and it was okay for a 20 min walk. But boy was we glad to be back into a warm room and a comfy bed!

All in all, it was a great night, an experience which I’d recommend everyone should do! It is so hard to describe such an awesome event, i’ll deffo be coming back at this time to experience again! It’s a memory that would be very hard to forget and one you’d always talk about!

So if you ever have the chance to head down here in London on New Years Eve. Do it.

I can promise you wouldn’t regret it. I know i’m still buzzing over it, and will be for quite a while!!

So, here’s to a very Happy New Year for 2013!!

Night all!! xoxo


This has to be like the hundredth time I have wrote a “hello it’s me!!” kinda blog post.


Purely because I start a blog, and it goes great then it stops… my own fault I guess. Especially last time, I made up such a weird imaginative username and password that I forgot both of them myself!
That was kinda annoying.

Anyway, this blog will be the blog.

Like all my previous other blogs, it will be based on a bit of this and that!
Lifestyle, reviews etc. You get my driff…